Hi, my name is Pedro.

And welcome. It's great to have you here.

Short Version

Business growth passionate that knows how to drive more sales through better copy and better websites.

Freelancer that runs his business… well, as a business. And knows you’re running one too, so ROI and deadlines are mandatory.

Tech savvy that not only knows how to write copy that lead to sales, but that also knows how to build powerful websites and web apps.

Pedro Martins growth hacker

Now, the not too long version…

Ever since I know myself that I’ve loved everything about new businesses.

More specifically the launch and the growth stage.

And to be honest, it’s not something I strategically picked as the subject to become an expert.

I am here because I’ve been following my passion. Period.

It’s the subject I am constantly reading about, it’s the topic of most of my conversations and it’s also what I love writing about.

Mostly because I love the risk, the stress, the dream, the energy, the courage, the learning, the commitment, the excitement, the opportunity to make something great…

I am sure this is not that far away from what you've experienced, right?

My own startups

I know the feeling… to be able to help someone with something, it’s a plus to have been in that person's shoes before.

Well, I’ve been there. More than once.

I’ve had the opportunity to run my own ad agency, the opportunity to launch a few brands and to define and implement their growth strategies.

I was fortunate enough to work with some of the best creatives in the market. I even have a Cannes Lion in my portfolio with this campaign I managed for Microsoft.

I’ve mentored some entrepreneurs and helped them launch their businesses as well as helped a few others getting the funding they needed.

What’s missing

When you work with startups, a fun factor, that is not that funny for most founders, is that there is always something missing.

Sometimes we have the CTO, but we miss the CMO. Sometimes it's the other way around. Sometimes we need something else.

And unless we can hire more and better people, most startups end up “limping” from one business department, if not more.

And it’s normal. Sometimes even a bigger company has that same problem.

And having worked with so many entrepreneurs and startups in the market, and reading about a lot more, it’s great to see how some entrepreneurs, like yourself, made it through this initial stage.

The multidisciplinary help

Because I’ve lived that initial stage so many times, and saw the drawbacks and the initial barriers, I’ve ended up generating a strong curiosity about some important disciplines needed when growing a startup in today’s market.

I too launched startups based in wordpress or squarespace templates. And there is no shame about it, right?

But I also saw that sooner or later, to grow a business, we had to develop some digital strategies, sometimes involving building a new website or simply by providing the existing one with stronger copy, optimised for conversion and for SEO.

And that is where I’ve been helping businesses like yours, by

Understanding your market to the deepest detail, because I am not in this to guess what your ideal customer might think, I am here to research about what he or she has to say about it.

After that, I’ll write copy for websites and email campaigns that will speak directly to your customer heart and will whisper to their wallet.

And in some cases I also code entire websites or landing pages, as well as desktop apps, where I combine my backend (Ruby and Ruby on Rails) and my Frontend (JavaScript, jQuery, Angular) knowledge.

But, enough talking about me.

I would really love to know more about your startup and the challenges you’re facing.